Green Tech Girls Summer Bootcamp 2019

Green Tech Girls

Green Tech Girls is hosting a 5 – Day summer boot camp (5 – 9 August, 2019) for secondary school girls nominated from public schools in rural and peri – urban communities across Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria. 

The aim is to build 200 girls to be green energy advocates, climate ambassadors, bold and confident to be change makers in their communities and beyond. The summer camp is free for the participating girls. 

Green Tech Girls is founded by Damilola Asaleye, a female renewable energy expert with over 12 years professional experience in the technical industry and co founder of Ashdam Solar. Green Tech Girls is an offspring of Ashdam Solar Initiative with a mission to bridge the gender knowledge and skills gap in the technology industry through providing the capacity building for girls/ women to excel in the technical industry especially in the area of green and renewable energy resources.

The 2019 Green Tech Girls summer bootcamp is focused on girls from low income families and rural communities, girls who do not have access or funds to build their capacities

Venue: St Anne’s Girls School, Molete Ibadan

Date: 5 – 9 August, 2019


To register: Contact 09065724265 or 08034284936


Green Tech Girls Summer bootcamp objectives
The objectives of the Green Tech Girls summer bootcamp are as follows:

  1. To sow the seed of technical career paths in young/teenage girls.
  2. To mentor the participating girls to see that girls and women can be
    technically oriented and still be functional in the primary and nuclear
  3. To create the much needed agents that will close the gender gap in the next 5
    – 10 years.
  4. To build bold and confident girls that will have the love of the environment
    and be advocates of clean energy in their respective communities.
  5. To reduce energy poverty especially in rural communities.
  6. To create awareness on causes, impacts and mitigation of climate change.
  7. To instill entrepreneurial skills in young/teenage girls through the use of
    available materials around them tagged or discarded as wastes

Camp Activities

  • Introduction to Green Energy Sources
  • Climate Change; its causes, impacts and solutions and advocacy
  • Introduction to Basic Solar Electricity.
  • Introduction to Energy Management and Energy Efficiency
  • Introduction to clean cooking
  • Installation Tools and Safety Basics
  • Solar Photovoltaic System Components
  • Evaluation and Assessment
  • Team Building and Entrepreneurial Classes
  • Girls Menstrual Health, Hygiene and Health Talks
  • Assembling of solar panels
  • Building of Solar Oven
  • Creation of decorative antics with plastic wastes
  • Impacts of plastic wastes

The green tech girls summer camp 2019 is going be day camp (girls will not be boarded).

Pictures from previous summer camp (named Ashdam solar 4 girls camps)

Solar PV Installation and Entrepreneurship Training Curriculum

Solar Energy Training with international standards


This Intensive Solar Energy training workshop will teach participants how solar photovoltaic systems and backup (inverter) systems work, how they are designed, and how systems are installed. The program will cover the fundamentals of PV, such as how voltage, current, power and energy interrelate. The program provide detailed knowledge about the components required for successful installations (inverter, solar panel, charge controllers, batteries, etc.) and how to appropriately calculate and customize the components. The program also covers energy audit and energy efficiency implementation techniques. The program covers installation safety practices, system maintenance, and solar entrepreneurship.

Target Audience

This course program is designed for those who intend to pursue a professional career in solar PV system design and installation such as solar installers, contractors, project managers, engineers, electricians, quality inspectors, technical support crew and customer service professionals in the solar energy industry.
The course is also ideal for everyone who as a result of already working in this field needs to deepen knowledge about the theory and practical aspects of PV system installations. It is also perfect for complete beginners with zero solar experience. The course therefore unites participants from a wide range of personal backgrounds, such as students, NYSC corp members, electricians, engineers, energy professionals, architects, contractors, project developers, salespeople and anyone who has interest in renewable energy and wants to have good understanding of solar photovoltaic systems and installation.

Learning Outcomes

Participants of this solar energy training will be able to :

  • Understand different types of renewable energy sources
  • Properly design and size solar photovoltaic power systems.
  • Demonstrate safe working practices
  • Identify and describe basic functions of different components of PV systems
  • Understand features of solar PV system configurations and applications: DC systems, stand-alone, Hybrid systems/grid connected
  • Understand AC and DC electricity and explain their differences
  • Explain the relationship between: power, voltage, current, electric charge and energy
  • Perform professional energy audits
  • Give energy efficiency and energy management advice to clients
  • Describe the differences among various PV cell technologies
  • Identify meters used with PV systems and key points of meter use and safety
  • Use energy meters and clamp on meters
  • Define and list characteristics of series and parallel circuits, and review the application of these connections to ensure system compatibility
  • Define factors that impact the amount of peak sun hours reaching the array
  • Identify tilt angle and orientation that provides maximum energy production
  • Identify data required to size and design solar PV systems
  • Identify common PV mounting options; list advantages and disadvantages of different mounting options
  • Identify the different types of inverter technologies and list their advantages and disadvantages
  • Describe some installation tips and techniques for the different types of solar PV systems
  • Determine the correct wiring configuration of PV modules for a given application
  • Identify terminology for the various circuits in PV systems
  • Perform basic overcurrent device sizing for DC and AC PV system circuits
  • Identify potential jobsite hazards and opportunities for additional safety training
  • Determine proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for PV installation and commissioning tasks
  • Install solar panels on rooftop using a roof model
  • Perform solar inverter integration with existing house wiring using an electric circuit simulation board
  • Identify important functions of solar charge controller
  • Know different types of battery technology available in the market with their advantages and disadvantages
  • Know how to read battery cycle life
  • Understand how to choose the right battery type for specific site and customers
  • Understand how to maintain battery banks for optimal life span
  • Understand the steps required for solar system installation
  • Identify tools required for solar system installation and their proper usage
  • Interpret manufacturers data sheet for solar PV system components such as solar panels, inverters, charge controllers and batteries
  • Understand how to profile clients to identify the best solar solutions for the client
  • Understand the qualities required to be a successful solarprenueur
  • Know some of the policies governing renewable energy in Nigeria
  • Identify marketing strategies for successful solar business


1.     To reduce unemployment in Nigeria by raising and grooming solar energy and energy efficiency professionals who will then be qualified for jobs in the sector. 

2.     Create competent solar installers across the Nigeria with international standards

3.     Provide manpower for small and large scale solar installations across the Nigeria. 

4. Build a strong network of solar entrepreneurs

Course duration: 5 Days

Course Fee: N30,000 early registration, N40,000 payment at venue

50% scholarship for female participants

The registration fee covers;

  • Training presentations ( and soft copies)
  • Practical / Hands-on engagement
  • Examination
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Daily Refreshments

Participants join our Alumni group for on-going support after the training and access to industry progressive information.


Call 09065724265 or 08034284936 for inquiries

Email us HERE

Training Date: 22 – 26 July, 2019

Training Venue: Ashdam Solar Academy, S7/588B, Behind Real Food and Wine, Lagos Road, Challenge, Ibadan

Payment can be made to – ASHDAM SOLAR CO. LTD. Polaris Bank Account Number: 4091038008, Or Access Bank Account Number: 0796174776. Or paid securely online below

Pay Securely Online Now for intensive solar PV training

Minimum payable amount NGN 30,000Transaction Charge: , Total:
* are compulsory

Solar PV Installation Professional Manual

 Solar energy is the present and future solution to energy insecurity in the nation, it combats climate change and is a very lucrative money income source.

Ashdam Solar Academy solar PV installation professional manual is the right manual for all aspiring solar installer, entrepreneurs or renewable energy lovers. 

The manual is an ideal reference for all professional in the renewable energy industry.
The manual content includes detailed guide on the following topics;

  • Benefits of renewable energy technology
  • Relationship between current, voltage, power and energy
  • Series and Parallel Connections for professional solar installation
  • How to do professional energy audit with examples and ready to use template
  • How to practice or recommend Energy Efficiency and Energy Management
  • Solar Installation tools and usage
  • Solar Installation and Workshop Safety
  • Step – by – step solar and inverter installation guide
  • Solar Panel sizing
  • Inverter sizing
  • Battery sizing
  • Solar charge controller sizing
  • Cable sizing
  • Preparations required for site installation
  • Solar installation, electrical safety and system protective measures
  • Understanding battery types, terminologies and battery maintenance
  • And lots more

ORDER for the Manual NOW for N4,500 and get a free practical video on how to install solar panel on the roof top using easily accessible materials.

PAY N4,500 only NOW

Note that the free practical video offer is for a *limited time

Customized download link will be sent to your email within 2 working hours after payment confirmation.

How order for the solar installation professional e manual and make payment

Option 1: Secure online payment with immediate payment confirmation (N4,500 Only, no extra charges)

PAY SECURELY ONLINE NOW Solar PV Installation Professional Manual

* are compulsory

Option 2: Bank transfer or deposit payment

 Payment of N4,500 can also be made to the following account details:

Account Name: Ashdam Solar Co. Ltd.

Bank: Access Bank

Account Number: 0796174776

After payment, send payment confirmation to or to WhatsApp contact 08034284936


Customized download link will be sent to your email with 2 working hours after payment confirmation.

 For more information or enquiries contact:

Ashdam Solar Academy

+2348034284936 or +2349065724265

Head Office: S7/588b, Behind Real Food and Wine, Challenge Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

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Renewable Energy Training In Nigeria

Acquire knowledge on solar electrification, backup systems, and inverters. From energy auditing to energy management/efficiency, system design, applications and implementations.
Practicals and Theoretical sessions all inclusive
Ashdam Solar Academy Training is very interactive. We use our 11 years of experience to guide you in the solar energy industry.

Our training curriculum focus on international design and installation standards in relation in excelling in Nigerian solar energy industry.
Course content is as follows;
• Introduction to renewable energy and solar energy technology
• Climate Change and its impacts
• Introduction to basic electricity and terminologies
• Introduction to Series and Parallel Connections
• Introduction to Energy Efficiency, Energy Management and Energy Auditing
• Installation tools and usage
• Safety Basics
• Types of Solar PV systems and applications
• Solar PV system components and identification
• Solar Panel sizing
• Inverter sizing
• Battery sizing
• Solar charge controller sizing
• Cable sizing
• Introduction to Solar system and backup installation
• Preparations required for site installation
• Inverter installation and electrical load isolation
• Customizing solar systems
• Solar installation and electrical safety and system protective measures
• Hands on roof installation
• Troubleshooting and maintenance of inverter and solar systems
• Mapping your future in renewable energy industry
• Entrepreneurship Training
• Customer relationship training
• Marketing strategy
• Practical sessions

Participants join our Facebook Alumni Closed Group for on going support after the training

The training fee covers the following;
-Training presentations and Solar Manual (soft copies)
-Certificate of participation
-Daily Refreshments

Learn how to design, install and sell solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

N5,000 registration fee for Solar PV Design, Installation and Entrepreneurship Training
Ashdam Solar Academy is hosting two training in March.
1st in Ibadan and second in Lagos Mainland
Confirm your seat for N5,000 only at the Solar PV Design, Installation and Entrepreneurship Training. Limited seats available.

Contact 08034284936 for more details.
Training Date for Ibadan: 18th to 22nd March, 2019
Training Date for Lagos: 25th to 29th March, 2019
Time: 10am to 4pm Daily

Ibadan Venue: Ashdam Solar Academy, S7/588B, Lagos Road, Challenge Ibadan, Oyo State

Lagos Venue: Training center is on mainland and will be sent to registrants directly.

Register HERE

Pay Securely Online Now for intensive solar PV training

Minimum payable amount NGN 30,000Transaction Charge: , Total:
* are compulsory

or make direct transfer or cash into one of the following account;
Skye Bank Account Number: 4091038008
Access Bank Account Number: 0796174776

After payment text “March Training Registered” to 08034284936

Registration Fee: N5,000
Training Fee for Ibadan: N35,000 (N25,000 for early bird registration)
Training Fee for Lagos: N45,000 (N35,000 for early bird registration)
For more details, call 08034284936 or 09065724265

Early bird registration ends on 28th February
Final Registration Closing Date: 15th March, 2019
With early bird registration you get N10,000 discount
Training fee must be paid in full before training commencement date

P.S.Training fee is going up after March batch, make good use of the opportunity now

P.P.S. Very Limited Seats Available.

P.P.P.S. Reserve your Seat Now by Paying the registration fee (non refundable, non transferable). 
Pay N5,000 into Ashdam Solar Access Bank Account number 0796174776

Send payment confirmation to email or WhatsApp 08034284936 to secure your seat at the training

Limited space available!!

Register HERE

Please endeavor to register on time to confirm your seat at the training
Contact us now for more information 08034284936, 09065724265
Or send an email to


The Ashdam Solar Yafun Yafun Scheme is an installment payment plan designed by Ashdam Solar Company Limited to support Nigerians to get over the frustrations of little or non-availability of electricity supply by switching to Sustainable self-generation of Electricity and to ease the acquisition of solar / inverter components by PAYing SMALL – SMALL . The Solar Yanfun Yanfun Scheme removes the barrier of non-affordable Solar and Inverter Systems for qualified individuals and/or businesses through the introduction of up to 6-months payment plan for Solar and Inverter bundles designed to create easier and effective access to solar energy.

Who can participate?

The Ashdam Solar Yanfun Yanfun Scheme is for all Nigerians, employed and self-employed who own homes or live in a rented apartment, for big and small offices, schools, cooperatives, churches, mosques, banks, military and para-military institutions. All who wish to participate in the program need to produce valid identification, evidence of gainful or self-employment, evidence of responsible citizenship like utility bills, and an introductory letter from a bank and reference letter from their guarantors. With an initial payment include 40% of component cost  plus installation cost and premium insurance cost for fire and burglary. The balance payment is spreads on tenor up to 6 months, the Solar or Inverter bundle is installed. All products in the bundle enjoy manufacturers’ warranty of between 1 – 25 years. A refundable* administrative fee of N5,000 is payable prior to assessment of installation site and verification of documents. 

To apply for the Ashdam Solar Yanfun Yanfun Pay Small – Small, CLICK HERE


The Benefits

The benefits include:

  1. Access to constant Electricity
  2. No recurrent operational cost as there is no need to buy fuel
  3. A substantial reduction on electric bills even if they are estimated
  4. Increased Productivity and 24/7 entertainment
  5. Advanced quality of life
  6. Improved security

Application Checklist (for processing)

1) Completed application form

2) Utility bill for your place of residence

3) Valid Means of identification (International passport/Drivers license)

4) Completed guarantor form

5) Copy of bank statement( Six(6) months)


Solar Power Installation Prices in Nigeria


Below are summary of Ashdam Solar – solar system packages.

Recommended load is reflected on each package. If you are not sure of the load specifications of the appliances you want to power, please feel free to CONTACT US or send email to

In celebration of the festive and holiday period we are giving our free intelligent solar streetlight for every solar system installation. GO SOLAR WITH US today and enjoy uninterrupted power with peace of mind

850VA/1000VA Solar Hybrid System


1.5kVA/2kVA Solar Hybrid System

3.5kVA Solar Hybrid System


Solar YanfunYanfun Promo

Christmas starts early at Ashdam Solar as the #SolarYanfunYanfun promo began late October. Contact Ashdam Solar to order for discounted products. Pictures of some of the solar lamps on promo are below

Call to place your orders now (payment on delivery, delivery charges apply)

08034284936, 09065724265


Ashdam Solar 10th anniversary tennis tournament

THE Ashdam Solar 10th anniversary tennis tournament kicked off on Tuesday 31st October, 2017 on the clay court of the Ibadan Tennis Club (ITC).

No fewer than 34 players registered for the intra-club tournament sponsored by a member of ITC, Mr Yemi Asaleye.

In one of the matches decided, Alhaji T. Busari defeated Mr A. Atoyebi in a pro-set singles 8-3.
Also taking part in the clay court tournament are messrs coach Yekini Kasali, Innocent Agwuncha, Matthew Okoye, A. Orebiyi, A. Olaniyan, J. Okoromadu, A. Olosun, M. Adedire, S. Oyewole, A. Baderin, S. Romiluyi, F. Oyewole, D. Gambo, L. Iranloye, F. Oyetoso, Y. Oshilaja, L. Hassan, S. Ogun, W. Owosho, P. Faboyinde and B. Adebiyi.

Others are S. Ijidale, I. Adumati, W. Jolaoso, W. Akinyooye, S. Ogunsola, MM Balogun, J. Taiwo, F. Ibe, S. Lawal, F. Ojurongbe and F Abiri.

According to Asaleye, the tournament is to further strengthen unity among members of the club and also create a healthy rivalry among members.

Caption: Busari (left) and his opponent, Atoyebi before their game.


Reference Here