Dlight A1 Portable Solar Lantern


A1 is an affordable quality solar lantern for everyone
Its small and versatile design is ultra-portable but can still spread light to every corner of a room. Built with the durability, it is made of top-quality components and designed to survive years of daily use, even when dropped or left out in the rain. Start a brighter future with A1 now!. Can be also used as reading lamp.

• Battery: 4+ hours of light per full charge
• Brightness: 2x brighter than kerosene
• Solar Panel: Integrated solar panel
• Portability: Adjustable handle & stand

Breaking new barriers in affordability: The A1 is d.light’s newest radically affordable lighting solution. With the A1, families can stop sacrificing financial resources on fuel-based lighting. Solar allows parents to improve their children’s health and invest in their education and future. Families can start achieving their dreams today!
Flexible and easy to use: The A1 is ultra-simple, maintenance-free, and user-friendly! It is water resistant and designed to survive being dropped and used every day.

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