Genus 1.5KVA/24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter


  • DSP Based Intelligent Control Circuit + DSP Based Smart Charger
  • Clean Quality power supply – Keeps expensive appliances 100% safe
  • LCD Display (Message and Faults) to monitor Inverter Performance
  • Auto self-test on LCD
  • Noise-free performance
  • Ensures the longer battery life


The Genus 1.5KVA/24V inverter is a 1500VA output pure sine wave inverter, providing power backup that will sustain a range of domestic appliances or office equipment. The 1.5kva inverter offers sufficient capacity to meet an average household’s basic needs in terms of lighting points, fans, TV, PC, printer, etc.


Genus a respected inverter brand, delivering products that you can invest in and be sure of great value for money – reliable performance, excellent power output and advanced inverter technology that protects batteries and ensures optimum functioning. The 3.5kva Genus inverter is a star product, meeting most of your household requirements and able to deliver adequate power backup on the right load. Well-used, this inverter capacity can adequately cover the gaps in public power supply, ensuring you have round-the-clock power supply.