Solar Energy Training Course Objectives

Solar Photovoltaic system

Recognize the various types of solar photovoltaic systems and components currently in use.

Safety Work Practise

Demonstrate safe working practices

Proper Designs

Properly design and size residential solar photovoltaic power systems.

Planning and Installation

Assist in the planning and installation of solar photovoltaic arrays and components.


Understand the types of codes and standards that apply to the proper installation of solar photovoltaic systems.

Customer Relation

Understand the types of permits, warranties, and the customer relations required for completion of the overall solar project.


Assist in the servicing of common solar photovoltaic systems.

Quality Installation

Improve the quality of installations.

Course Outline

Lesson 1

Introduction to Solar Energy.

Lesson 2

Basic Solar Terminologies.

Lesson 3

Introduction to Electricity.

Lesson 5

Installation Tools and Safety Basics

Lesson 4

Energy Management and Energy Auditing

Lesson 6

Solar Photovoltaic System Components

Lesson 7

PV Module Fundamentals

Lesson 8

PV Battery System Design

Lesson 9

PV Controller System Design

Lesson 10

PV Inverter System Design

Lesson 11

Solar Photovoltaic System Sizing

Lesson 12

Installation of Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Lesson 13

Solar Photovoltaic System Electrical

Lesson 14

Solar Photovoltaic Applications

Lesson 15

Maintenance and Analysis